Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wish Lists


I recently sent out an email with a link to this blog I created to chronicle the construction of my 32' rolling solar powered home, and I received many responses to the effect of:

"What can I do to help? Is there anything you need?"

I created a general wish list on the blog site itself, and then had responses to the effect of:

"Where do I get ____? How much is it? Where do I send it?"

So, I went to two online sites that have a wide variety of the supplies I will be needing, and created a wish list there, kind of like a wedding registry I guess.

If you intrested in helping provide some of the supplies I will be needing in the construction of my home
if you (or anyone you might know) are interested in bartering with me for a piece of clothing or a pop-up book, please give a boo to the two sites and find my wish list via my email address associated with each account. Here are the links,
-- email address to search for : email address to search for:

Wouldn't it be cool if I end up creating a wedding dress for someone in exchange for a fridge or incinerating toilet?!
In the mean time I am working away at The Waffle House in Cartersville, GA. Everytime someone tips me, even if it is only change I think:
"One little bit closer to home! Every little bit, added to what you've got, will make you have alittle bit more!"

Cheers, and thank you for all your confidence and encouragement!

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