Friday, January 28, 2011

amazing Canadian wood working for engineers link!!!

A Craig's List "no-no"

Today I went to tiny Carlton Georgia:
nearly nothing left of it on the side of the road but three dilapidated buildings, rusty implements, and a shiny white post office.

I was met by man I have spoken to a number of times on the phone named "Johnny", who met me @ the PO. Then I followed him into the woods on a dirt road to his shop,

where he had this little magic chef gas oven for sale.
He had helped a neighbor stripe a travel trailer she bought of the interior, she wants to retro fit it with a new interior. In payment she gave him this and a number of other appliances. I know Craig's List advices never to meet an unknown person through an internet connection alone, and DEFIANTLY!!! never follow them off into the woods, along a winding dirt path!!!!!! Well, today is a day to be thankful that I am not paranoid by nature, that I got a good deal, and that we have our little oven now!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

All the pumps and spigot doors

Finally we have all the pumps needed for the TRLR. The biggest one is for the supplying water top the bathroom. The smallest one is for drawing water through the first filter when we load water in from an "other than city water/hose" source. One of the medium sized pumps is for supplying water to the washing machine, and the other is for pumping water through the reverse osmosis system and UV light into the final holding tank, where the water we use will be clean and drinkable.
There is an ostentatious trend going on right now where by people are buying these fancy looking gas port doors. I bought two to install into the side of the trailer, and behind them will be the spigots out of which will come water from the gray tank under the kitchen sink in the front, and in the back clean and drinkable water that has passed through the RV/UV system.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Putting the wood +metal truss assembies together

all the trusses together, in order

the front truss, which will be tethered to the nose, and which will establish the shape of the roof
living room trusses
cool shape. these go in the loft above the bathroom
quick photo of my only two welding clamps... nothing would be possible with out them
i came home from work and built the bathroom trusses and one of the living room trusses while listening to Al Jazeera Live online... listening to the news coverage of the revolution in Egypt!

chalk drawing to match to, lay the pieces down and position
join the apex of the both the fore and aft sections of metal framing

grinding some of the flange away just to get the fit right

place the wood into the metal
put the second section into the first and clamps the wood in place
join the flanges with pan heads on the interior surface so they will be more flush and make mounting the interior paneling easier
hex heads on the exterior... they are stronger and will be covered by foam board wich will give around their shape
all three trusses for the master bedroom steel assembled. Next to through drill the metal wood and fasten with bolts.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Windy Smithy Wood Stove came today!

Click the blog title to visit the Windy Smithy web site!

....AND while I was @ the habitat for humanity Restore looking for draw hardware and a new faucet for a utility sink I am modifying and will install in the next few days... (posts to come).... I also found these black and white tiles for the hearth!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

kitchen idea

found on the tiny house blog

cherry for plates and cedar in the home-made kiln for the bath tub!

This is Jack. He is a local wood turner I met @ x-mas craft fair, and he is going to make the plates
this is the piece of cedar I bought. It came from a tree some where right around this area. It is 3" thicj, by 9 5/8th" wide and six-ish feet long.
Ayer yo fui al la Farmington a comprara la medera de cerezo a hacer platos para la cabana!
Farming Depot Gallery on the way to Watson Springs
Old rusty stuff. this metal was made to survive, like plastic. I wonder if we will display all the old drinking straws and single use creamer cups in the future, when that stuff is still around
Landus took me inside the wood drying kiln he and Richard made to dry out lumber they re-claim and want to work with in the near future. I knew from my time living with wood heat that wood needs to sit for @ least a year to dry before it will burn well. The same is true for lumber a person wants to build with.. it needs to have time to dry and set itself in place, so that the object you make will not warp over time as the grain of the wood contracts as it drys
They even made the hinges! This is the answer to my ?? of how to install the two back doors of the utility closet.
the winch
Landus Bennett
pile o wood, all reclaimed urban lumber
my cedar came out of somebodies yard... down in a ditch...fallen in a winter storm more than a year ago... see the tree?
pile o wood, all reclaimed urban lumber: our four cedar board on the top. the fans draw the warm air up and over the tent like roof hanging above the wood. the air meets to doors, which are heavy and well insulated, and then falls down around the wood. The pile is inside a circulating current of warm air, with occasional added moisture to help the wood keep it's shape and not dry out too fast.
the water sprayer just to give the wood a little moisture while it dried, and "help it relax"
the fans
the heater
the cedar for my bath tub!
snow guardian
"hey, what's going on?!"
snow on the hill side
old farm house
corner store in a tiny southern town
more rusty old stuff
old cemetary