Monday, February 15, 2010

The Family of Waffle

So, Coco-Rose and I love waffles, and when I smell like waffles she wants to EAT ME!

I got a phone call this morning from my former district manager in Athens, asking me if I was in town, and if I could come to work. I told her I had decided to re-locate temporarily to Cartersville to work on the trailer full time, and had gotten a job at The Waffle House here to pay for construction supplies ( I am also continuing to sew, working right now on a performance costume and getting ready for a photo shoot for Young, Foxy and Free magazine, as well as restocking stores for spring :-). My ETD back to Athens with my rolling home framed and sided, ready for electrical and interior work is the end of April. Misty told me to call her before I come back, and she will be sure to have a job waiting for me, which is great because I plan to go take out a nice big loan at the bank to buy all the solar equipment and appliances, etc, in one fell swoop, and to get a loan, you need a job. A Job isn't everything, but it makes all things possible. It seems fitting to me that I be working for this company during this endeavor. I worked nights at The Waffle House in the two years prior to my family's move to Canada back in 2001-2003, and here I am again, using the money I make there to further the manifestation of my long-term goals. Ah, the family of Waffle that I am enfolded in.

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