Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Getting everything out of the pig but the squeal."

We decided not to spend $100 on pre-made spring seats and brake flange plates for the axle modifications. Instead we used some of the remaining 10" of tubing from the chassis , so in the end there are only some small scraps of un-used metal, that perhaps will find a place in the mix. Scott cut the pieces and we bent them in the forge, and I cut the saddles with the torch, and will weld them to the axles in the proper place. Scott also cut the brake flanges with the torch, and I filed them down flush with the axle tubing diameter. We also started wall framing this past weekend. The new welder is here! The brakes are here! The weather is getting warmer!

Alittle soot smeared, but ready to hit it.
Heating the work piece in the coal fire.
Coco really is shagrinned at not being quite human.
She is right beside us for every task.

Cutting the new brake flange plates
Getting started with the layout out of the port side wall for fabrication.

Torching off the old brake flange plates.
The plate post torching
The axles pre-grinding.
The axles with brake flanges removed and ground down flush, ready for the new flange plates!
This is the one we ruined.

And here is all that is left from 4 20' lengths of steel tubing!

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