Wednesday, December 21, 2011

compact cabinet ideas for later

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Friends come to help finish off the work on the gutter, and my new dog MONKEY!

When Heidi got my email about Batiste having been stolen and then killed she came to visit me, and brought me the last puppy she had that she was looking for a good home for, so, now I have a new dog, named Monkey.

Sharmini, Tom and Jacob came to help me put the finishing work on the gutters. Now am ready to install the standing seam roofing!
The shadow of Jacob hammering the fold of the top flange of the gutter over the roof.
Sharmini started sanding the bath tub. There is lots more sanding to do.
Peace, always, peace.
It should be a nice tub to soak in, when it's done.

Bathing in the rays of the sun.
Tom and Jacob
Jacob the Over-seer

Tom used the rubber mallet and folded the gutter flanges over the roof on the port side.

fragile tummy skin
Lil' fella loves to cuddle, he's only 12 weeks old.

Sharmini finishing off the cuts to the tread plate that will be installed under the nose of the trailer. Using the angle grinder makes you feel like a bad-ass.
Putting the final screws into the port side gutters, ready to hammer the flanges over the edge of the roof, where they will be trapped under the roofing material.
The Shadow of Jacob.
Occupational Therapy. There is no better way to live a stress free life than to be physically active.
Tom making the final cuts with the angle grinder
Jacob did the pre-drilling and I hand tightened in the screws. The screws are stainless steel, a soft metal, and easily stripe if installed with the drill.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yarn is not the ideal construction material to use, but it did the trick!

the port side gutters still need to be fully attached to the wall, and then the top flange attached to the purlins under the roofing board... but it's coming along!
metal work under the bay windows
wind chimes
My friend Will Jackson bought me this set of ten climbing rocks for my birthday which I have installed on the side of the trailer as a ladder, so I can get up onto the lower side of the roof to work! Thank you Will!
A new friend I met eating Thanksgiving dinner at a church has come over lately to help me get the gutters up on the starboard side. THANK YOU TOM!!!
starting to get the gutters attached... 27 feet continuous on the port side
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you TOM!
tread plate around the nose, ready to be drilled for the gas line to enter the kitchen area, and I still have to put metal around the diagonal below the chassis. I also need to build some infrastructure to connect this diagonal exterior wall to the frame, and I got some scrap steel framing material from The Waffle House that is being built in downtown Athens, where I will be working in about 6 weeks.

left over oak flooring used to finish off the back doors of the utility closet. I was really at a loss as to how to finish these, as the hinges I need to use are steel and it would have reacted with aluminum as the skin.. but I think the wood looks nice. I put many coats of high gloss tung oil on it as a finish.
here is a bracket I welded to support the sheppard's crook for my wind chimes and as also an out door shower bag.
This is an angel, in homage to my sweet little dog Batiste,w as stolen and killed two weeks ago. His death has really been difficult to bear, and I have fallen lately into a state of despair, which, has made it hard to muster the strength to work...even more of a reason to say THANK YOU TOM! for coming to help me.
I used yarn to hold the sections of gutter together while screwing them in place. It wasn't the best ersatz twine material to use, but it worked eventually!

I nested the gutter together, punched holes in the with an old screw driver and then tied them together with yarn on the ground
here is a side view of the shape.. the top flange will fold over the edge of the roof and be anchored under the roofing material
I hand rolled each 2 foot section of gutter using this piece of trash pipe and a rubber mallet