Sunday, May 7, 2017

YES! Worms at Work!

The population is growing! Soon there will be enough worms to handle the volume, but in the meantime....just soes you knows: YES! worms can turn food waste and human waste into "Black Gold!" So, if you get squeemish feelings every time you drop a big fat juicy turd into a couple gallons of  perfectly good drinking water, there IS a better way that not only saves the water but also can feed your garden too! And not only that, but using a composting toilet come sin handy for rhetorical purposes. If you end up, like me, having a nagging, irrepressible urge to talk to others about how to reduce their own carbon foot print, and they try to make excuses, or call you a hypocrite for pointing things out you can say, "I'm not pretending my own shit doesn't stink. I know it does because I take responsibility for it!"
Speaking of a squeemish feeling: I remember when I first started pooing in a sawdust filled bucket...boy did I feel weird! Ever since I was a little kid I felt embarrassed by the plop sound that poo makes when it hit the water, and in a public bathroom I would hold it until I was alone so no one would hear me poop.  Saw dust makes no plopping sound, so thinking about that was the first trick I pulled to re-adjust my mind to a new paradigm, but still...I felt so weird when I first got started with this. I would kind of gag and get a creepy crawly feeling when I started handling the composting operation. How incredibly suggestible and habit forming our minds are! Anyways, needless to say, I got over it.

I have posted this little tidbit before, but it's worth saying again: being a vegetarian/vegan makes human poo WAY less stinky than meat-eater poo. I am used to it now. It's a mild and sweet smell, and I use incense also, which I have noticed is common in bathroom with flush toilets too.

Monday, May 1, 2017

People's Climate March, Washington DC, 2017

 Photos from the People's Climate March in DC this weekend. 
 Took the bus up with not very many people from Athens (24), but more people that I see riding bike instead of driving any day of the week.
 I made this banner out of part of my plastic drop cloth and me tent poles. Rode my bike of course!!!! Wore my mask so that I didn't have to put sunscreen on my face It was in the mid 90's (33 degrees C) and sweat makes sun screen run into my eyes!
It says:
 This is what we did for our anniversary!
 ​I met this awesome gal named Hannah who biked he 60 miles from Philly to DC. I loved her sign "Pedal Power! Basic Cycology!"
The other sign I saw that I really liked said "Whose Under Your Carbon Footprint?"
 ​We stayed near these Peruvian Indigenous Power Dancers. They were burning cups filled with Palo Santo. The smell was so thick in the air. It felt great.

Here's a few of about 250,000 people who passed by the Trump Hotel and made a lot of angry noise. Some people sat down and blocked the entrance.
The news team of Democracy Now! was on the streets covering the march all day. I am a monthly donor. You can watch the daily show @ . Amy Goodman, the host is coming to speak in Atlanta on Thursday and Joel & I are gonna go.