Monday, September 21, 2015

Hung doors

The bedroom and the bathroom doors (stained glass by Brandon Shultz, wood work by Brent Swanson, hinges by your truly) are finished and installed. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Full-on "Inside" Action! Installing the 20 foot long living room ceiling

This was a fun operation, so I thought to make it a stand alone post:
 Held the insulation in place with scraps of paneling wedges and tied into the steel ceiling frame, which i pulled out after the finished panel was in place.

 Then I started out with my baes, each 36' tall, my fridge and a stake of crates, so i could fit the two halves around the stove pipe and glue the last joint of the frame together.
 Then I just kept stacking up stuff until the frame reached the ceiling!

 Screwed it into the steel above, and BAM!
 Looks so good! Looking back.
 Helding the joint between the living room and hall way panels flush with each other with nails, will cover with some trim the future
 Looks so good! Looking forwards.