Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flexible C-track!

Some Mexican guys who are remodeling the new yogurt shop up the street gave me some of the flexible C-tack they have been using. We want to make one corner of the bathroom wall rounded to go around the bathtub, to give more room for the person to get into the second floor bedroom loft! They gave me several nice long pieces!

On another note: I have had a show up @ White Tiger Gourmet here in Athens this month, and last night, to celebrate the full moon I wore my new board game costume, " The house of John King" down there and let people who came to eat play the game! It was a lot of fun.

We are currently working on all the interior walls and bedroom floors... and then the roof trusses. Another trip to Cartersville for steel is in the future, just a few more pieces!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Solar battery vents and our 1st Party!

The last "little thing" to do before starting on the interior walls and roof trusses was install the six vents for the solar battery compartment: two interior vents,

and two sets of exterior vents.

And today we had our first party @ the TRLR: by request of the kids we went to the trailer and threw rocks over the wall, passion fruit at the wall, and played hide-and-seek. Me, Scott, Julian, Scott friend Wes's daughter Nyima, Professor Purwick (Chris Purcell) and his son Spike!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Gravity feed kitchen water nose furring

building the nose furring that will jut out from the front of the TRLR and house four 5 gallon re use-able water jugs.. to gravity feed the kitchen sink. Scott had the brilliant idea to mount padded toilet seats on the shelves to hold the jugs and also keep them from knocking around too much. At present count we have two toilet seats and one jug.

It's hard to see from the pictures, but it is slightly rounded.

And here it is all installed. It was really a bear to get the top one up. I strained all my muscles, legs and arms.. and have been sore for two days. that's how you get bigger muscles though! Scott did the bottom two.

Here is the full assembly, all complete: with one of the four toilet seats + water jug combos.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The White Tiger

The month of June was spent not working on the TRLR, but sewing new work which is now visiting The White Tiger Gourmet, a restaurant on Hiawasee St. here in Athens for the month of July. Check out the ad in the Athens Secret Admirer for a 15% off coupon... and check back next week here for pictures of the installation by Steven Trimmer.

In the past month Scott has re-built and installed the second door, and I wen to British Columbia to spend a week and a half with my son. e went on two field trips with his class, and I spent an afternoon sewing their "Ugly Dolls" with them, I went to Nanaimo to see my friend Allie and her beautiful little daughter Verity,

I went back to Gambier island to see the house I used to live in there, and visit with Alice and Sylvia. Sylvia has always been really quiet, but I was wearing magenta tights, and she took to me like a duck to water, and we spent the afternoon playing. She asked me, while we were sitting together ton the dock. what kind of spirit I was, and what spirit was. I told her that spirit was the power given to each thing that is the gift of it's life and movement and change, and I that I had a happy, healthy and strong spirit. She told me she was a star spirit. It was the high light of the trip.

and my dear, beautiful friend Ann.
No one has lived in the house since I left in July of 2008.

The other little piece of new from June was that Blacksmith Bill served me with paper for a libel suit against me for the previous blog post. After having spent many hours at the law library in the court house, and learning a lot about both Georgia libel and slander laws, and also civil battery laws before I left, I decided to wait and deal with the issue when I got back from Canada. I will be filing my response and counterclaim with in the next week.

Next project to work on for the TRLR is building the nose ferring that will hold the water jugs, four 5 gallon jugs that will gravity feed the kitchen sink! My son Julian is here with us for the summer,. so he will be here to "over-see" the work.