Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fiberglassing the bath tub and flashing the roof

 Alright! I have been working on this thing for a year, and now I am closing in on having it done. Now I know how to build a bath tub! I have put two layers of fiberglass cloth over the sanded Bondo. In order to make a rounded rim of the tub I sandwiched sheets of the fiber glass cloth between the wood and a 1" diameter piece of tubing that is nailed into the rim of the tub. Next I will resin the walls and wrap the cloth over the tube and hopefully that will make a nice smooth round rim. Also are shown the canvas tabs with toggles I made from a sail I had donated to my general cause. I made clothes from most of it, but the hardware I thought to save for use in this project. Don't you hate it when you take a shower and the shower curtain gets forced out of the tub by the water....or if you bump it with your elbow? and then water gets all over the bathroom floor and you don't realize it until you get out the shower and there is a huge puddle? It is even worse when it happens at a friend's house. Well, my bathroom is small and there will be a big hole covered with a screen under the tub to help ventilate the worm composting system under the floor, so the thought of mishap resulting from uncontrolled shower curtains seemed a rather serious risk ( I don't want the worms or a small room to get flooded).... so I have made a shower curtain that will buckle on to the edge of the tub with the left over hardware from that sail. I had to fasten the male ends of the toggles into the tub at this stage of construction, but the curtain itself is pretty nice. I had some glass rings I found on the throw pillow that I cannibalized to use as the rings that connect to the curtain rod, which is made of shaped copper tubing.
My friend Tobin Brogunier took these pictures for me

I have also been doing the finishing work flashing the roof, getting ready to FINALLY install the ridge cap. the pictures are pretty boring, so I haven't really been taking any....soon though I will just take some shots of the finishing touches...I did install all the running lights, but they aren't wired yet, and I have been working on building the wheel wells and the well around the retractable utility sink. Once I get the tub done, and painted my next project will be to build the fold down decks and awning.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Thank you, thank you thank you

It's not done yet, but so far.........thank you thank you thank you Thank you William Sproat, Scott Points, Jacob Ogletree, Ken Ogletree, William Jackson, Brandon Shultz. Ben Austin, Tom Senkus, Sharmini Wijeyesekera, Peter Talbot, Ari Erlbaum, Brent Swanson, Jimmy Faulkner, Jim Points, Alex LeMay, David ?, Landus Bennet, Joy Elsner, Daniel Elsner, Micheal Elsner, John Pleasant, Carlo ?, Luke Eden, Christopher Purcell, Wilson Sheldon, Michael Bailey, Tobin Brogunier, Daniel Evans Tinsley, Julie Louise Merrill, Drew Bowen, Nathan Albright, Lake Maner, Rich Rusk, Vic Anderson, Leah, Greg and Dot, Jack Hudson, and Amal Ben's Bikes, for helping me build my own version of the Millennium Falcon!!!