Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Climate Justice Ride

At the Atlanta airport..gear and I
ready to fly and ride. Bike folds up and gets checked like any old baggage. US Airways and Delta both give me a carbon credit discount because I am a full time cyclist, and was taking my bike as my transport on arrival at my destination.

Citizen's Climate Lobby has been advancing the opposite strategy: working to build the political will to implement a carbon tax, where by a person ("person" I mean an individual person AND a corporation) pay more to burn burn burn, in a nut shell. 

Biking around the island that Montreal lives on.
R.I.P. to a cyclist
The personification of the person I came to Montreal to visit: a friend I had not seen in many years. He he has sunk into a state of selfishness and disjunction that would be as comical as this figure if it were not his real life
Ripley Marilyn style!