Friday, December 30, 2016

Ceiling fan finally!

It has been a full on treasure hunt trying to find the right ceiling fan for the living room of my home made solar tiny house : one that will fit beside the clear story windows, can be installed on a slanted ceiling, that will still allow head space in the living room, it quiet, doesn't draw a lot of juice, and will look right. I have had my eye on this fan at House Electric for YEARS and finally it's time to bring it home and put it up! I have never liked AC inside - my solar system couldn't support the demand - but the way things are's just getting hotter!🔥🌏😥 Gonna need this in the summers to come for sure! Building myself the deluxe model over here!  Made in America, bought local.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Nose trimmed out: Plumbing placed.

 It's great to be taking time to work on my house. I made these copper accumulator tanks years ago, and now they are in place. First step: to clean the tanks, and build a frame to mount them to.

Making the shelves and cutting out the openings fir the tanks.
 Framed out and the corners trimmed.
Extending the 10 gauge wire to the heater.
Shevles installed.,
The cold side tank passed through the bottom right shelf.
Ready to sweat.

 Everything in place.

 I even made a little curtain rod for the Japanese door curtain my friend gave me years ago for when this spot was ready.


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Recycling Bike Inner Tubes

 I gleaned bike inner tubes from my favorite local bike shop, Ben's Bikes, to use in lining my hand made gutters. Of course, they have been leaking, and causing some rot around the bottom of the doors. So, now that I have to fix THAT I figured I had better get up on the ladder and fix the root cause of the problem. The tubes are held to the metal gutters with butyl tape. This was always my plan, but just something I haven't gotten around to, here we go!

 Two strips of butyl on each side of the tubing..pressing it into the gutters.
 Layer of caulk.
 No leaks when it rained today! Allowed me to place the drain holes.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Trimmed out

I was really excited to see my son this holiday season, so I took a week off of work and put some effort into finishing the trim.  almost done! Just 3 or 4 more places that need some attention. I met Guisepi of the Free Tea Party & he gave me a brass corner for my bench seat.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pasaquan: The Land of Badassery: Where Past Present and Future Meet

Several years ago I made my first trip to Pasaquan, the land where Past, Present and Future meet. It is a place of the utmost badassery, and it inspired me to follow my vision and create my own sanctuary in this chaotic world. In the years I have been there to re-unite with other Pasaqyoans, which has always been like going to a family reunion, we have all met and enjoyed good food, good music and good times among the peeling paint and crumbling structures finished by St. EOM's death more than 30 years ago. He started building his paradise in the late 50's! Can you even imagine?! In the middle of bumdecock nowhere, before the hippies..before anything so radial and the deep deep deeeeeeeeeep south... and I was so so blown away by the restoration of the property that the Kohler Foundation and Columbus State University have made possible. What really blew me away was the total transformation of Buena Vista , the town where Pasaquan is. In conjunction with the Georgia Economic Development and Tourism Departments the whole town has re-invented itself and uplifted the legacy of art and creativity, the prowess of it's great African-American natives, and they welcomed more than 2000 people in a public celebration of art and culture that I never would have imagined would take place in what has always seemed such a back washed out little town in the middle of nowhere.  It has completely transformed into a welcoming, enriching community, a place of consciousness and charm.