Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Making it happen!

Well, time to get working to resolve the issues with my running gear. I went to 2 local RV fix-it shops with these pictures of the tire clearance issues and the place on the chassis where I need to install the new hangers:

I got the same feed-back from both: the advice being that I could buy stock 6" hanger and 2" blocks and weld it all together, but that all that welding could weaken the metal of the chassis and the hangers. Also that it would be cheaper to just have 8" hangers made by a metal shop here in town. I should bolt the new hangers in place and then stick weld them to the chassis on the 3 sides I can reach easily and tack them in place in the back where it is harder to reach.

So I went to the guys at St. Udio on Oneta Street, who I have hired to do some TIG welding in the past, to make the new hangers for me... and....  
 Here they are !!!

 WHAT!!!! This is where the most out of whack shackle hanger was mounted.. those turkeys put it all together so quick and dirty the first time! Those bolts would have never held! So glad I am fixing this!
 Got some welding to do! Bike carts, hinges for the window seat as well.
 Still life with welding equipment. The couple who owned the one and only store on the tiny island I lived on with 120 other souls, Gambier Island in British Columbia, gave me this full length leather coat. At some point, for some reason I donated it to the thrift store, and then months later I regretted it!! I was wandering around in the Habitat with my girl friend, and she saw this and though, "Hum, perfect for Gretchen", and ShAbAnG! I was reunited with my coat, which turns out to the perfect for this welding job, sitting on the ground with lots of leather to cover my legs.

 First step: bolt the new hangers in place and make sure everything fits. They look a bit wonky here because the axle is braced with wood below.. the ground slops down on this side of the trailer. On the other side they can just rest on the ground, there is enough clearance for the brake wiring.

I borrowed a Miller stick welder/generator from my friend, the immortal Beverley Babb, and borrowed some of her mojo too. To paraphrase her words: I have been flapping my tongue bitching so much about this problem it has taken me days to re-hydrate it!
 Next step: weld new hangers in position. Thanks a million to Straw Boss for coming by to check on me and inspect my work!
BOOM! Welded in place!!!
 And BattaBing Batta BOOM!!!! Everythign reattached! Look at the clearance on those tires!
Thank you so much to my friend Randy for coming out to help me 3 TIMES!!!! Jacking, blocking, test fitting, teaching and calming my nerves! Thank you Thank you!!

Monday, May 2, 2016

My friend Paula's Tiny Hizzy!

I met my friend Dr. Paula Loniak, veterinarian of Vet to Pet, through a Tiny House meet-up group last June. I was the only person in the group at the time who had a tiny house in the works, but not even a year later my friend has got her project started, and it's looking so great! Go Paula! She has even been going to Mayor and Commission meetings + Planning Commission meetings to talk about zoning regulation changes to accommodate tiny houses! BAM!