Monday, January 10, 2011

snow day, going's on...

Today there is snow again.... nice day to stay inside and put another layer of tung oil on the trusses. hoy yo pongo la capa siguiente de barniz en el roble rojo. yo aprende muy bien frase otra dia: yo lo voy a lograr. nosotros hacemos una cabana con quatro llantes. Cuando lo acabado quiermos a viajar.

Also I have two of the @ least three pumps we will use: a big one for pumping water from the tank below the bathroom up through a filter and then through an on demand hot water heater, then out through the faucets and shower head, and a small one for pumping water through a filtration system....some where along the line. The big one is a Shurflo industrial pump, and the little one is a Flojet. I need to buy one more, medium sized pump, to bring water from the tank below the washing machine. I am also going to install a small sink accessible from the outside that is fed by this second tank for utility purposes.and this is a picture of the temperature controller made by Mikey Skylar of Holy Scrap Hot Springs!!!
and finally, the last part of this blog post is about some research I have done: Here are some of the things I am working towards getting for our general uses..
I am saving for two of these replacement car gas port doors to create an opening to access water spigots, one for clean water coming out of the water filtration system in the back, and one for gray water from the kitchen in the front.
This is the second Eemax point of use water heater I am saving for: Series Two, model ## EX 120TWater pressure regulator and back flow protector city water inlet which will be installed in the gas bungs pictured in a previous post... this is where a hose will connect to allow for water to be put into the trailer from an outside pressurized connection.and also the outlet to be mounted on the side for electricity from an outside source
But the thing I am most stoked about finding is the Windy Smithy in Sommerset England. They make wood burning stoves for caravans, cabins, trailer, van conversions... you get the idea. Here is the model we are going to get. I hope to get the $$ off to him in the next few days! next work to be done is to finish the staining process, and to start cutting the flanges off for the c-track, which will form the upper cords of the trussesHere is my Zapatista laying out on the hard cold steel.. and it's a nice shot of the card board pattern piece I made from a piano box... I lay it down and draw the lines for where to cut... I have to day, building this home with such a creative, hard working and amazing man is a dream come true for me. Here is Scott removing a part of the flange of the c-track, so that the metal will wrap around the wood assemblies.

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  1. Very nice. I am impressed. I love to see our local woods used in such a cool manner.