Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Putting the wood +metal truss assembies together

all the trusses together, in order

the front truss, which will be tethered to the nose, and which will establish the shape of the roof
living room trusses
cool shape. these go in the loft above the bathroom
quick photo of my only two welding clamps... nothing would be possible with out them
i came home from work and built the bathroom trusses and one of the living room trusses while listening to Al Jazeera Live online... listening to the news coverage of the revolution in Egypt!

chalk drawing to match to, lay the pieces down and position
join the apex of the both the fore and aft sections of metal framing

grinding some of the flange away just to get the fit right

place the wood into the metal
put the second section into the first and clamps the wood in place
join the flanges with pan heads on the interior surface so they will be more flush and make mounting the interior paneling easier
hex heads on the exterior... they are stronger and will be covered by foam board wich will give around their shape
all three trusses for the master bedroom steel assembled. Next to through drill the metal wood and fasten with bolts.

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