Thursday, January 27, 2011

All the pumps and spigot doors

Finally we have all the pumps needed for the TRLR. The biggest one is for the supplying water top the bathroom. The smallest one is for drawing water through the first filter when we load water in from an "other than city water/hose" source. One of the medium sized pumps is for supplying water to the washing machine, and the other is for pumping water through the reverse osmosis system and UV light into the final holding tank, where the water we use will be clean and drinkable.
There is an ostentatious trend going on right now where by people are buying these fancy looking gas port doors. I bought two to install into the side of the trailer, and behind them will be the spigots out of which will come water from the gray tank under the kitchen sink in the front, and in the back clean and drinkable water that has passed through the RV/UV system.

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