Friday, January 28, 2011

A Craig's List "no-no"

Today I went to tiny Carlton Georgia:
nearly nothing left of it on the side of the road but three dilapidated buildings, rusty implements, and a shiny white post office.

I was met by man I have spoken to a number of times on the phone named "Johnny", who met me @ the PO. Then I followed him into the woods on a dirt road to his shop,

where he had this little magic chef gas oven for sale.
He had helped a neighbor stripe a travel trailer she bought of the interior, she wants to retro fit it with a new interior. In payment she gave him this and a number of other appliances. I know Craig's List advices never to meet an unknown person through an internet connection alone, and DEFIANTLY!!! never follow them off into the woods, along a winding dirt path!!!!!! Well, today is a day to be thankful that I am not paranoid by nature, that I got a good deal, and that we have our little oven now!

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