Thursday, May 29, 2014

From THIS to THIS:

 I scored a whole piece of diamond plate @ the habitat for pennies! Just enough to trim out one of the wheel wells.... so I cut it to fit.... here is one of the decks folded up like it will be for travel

 and I used the rest of trim out the new bike trailer I built by cannibalizing my old kid styled cart!
 It's hot pink and has diamond tread plate on it!
 So we took it for a test ride
Went to the woods to go hiking
 and got caught in the rain on the way back! It has been 90 + degrees lately. t felt so gooooood!

 I started out with blocks of cherry, and using my drill hammer and chisel I removed wood to make room for plumbing, so that the wood can hold the bath tub faucet and be mounted on the wall.
 Then I put them together with screws and covered the screw heads with plugs

I finished it with polyurethane.  Here is the faucet, a rebuilt antique from the civil war era, in the block, as seen from above and below.

 This is a plate taken out from under neath my friend's Chevy Impala, which used to be a cop ar. it was used from ramming and driving over stuff. According to the instruction manual of my washing machine it needs to be installed on a solid piece of meal under neath it... my friend didn't want to put the plate back on his car.. too heavy and dirty, but it is perfect for under neath my washing machine
 Although it is filthy. I scarped off the layers of tar and sludge and then wiped off the rest with a gasoline soaked rag
 Once it was cleaned I cut it to fit in the compartment where the washing machine lives

 and smoothed out the gouges from the cops ramming into things

 and.. there is goes, just like a charm into position!

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