Thursday, May 29, 2014

How to wire trailer lights brakes

 This is the switch, mounted to the hitch. There is a pin that is inserted into the box which is connected to the tow vehicle. If the trailer and the tow vehicle become separated

trailer lights and brake wiring diagram

 break-away switch. Pin inserted into box, attached to tow vehicle by cable. If the trailer and tow vehicle become separated the brakes on the trailer engage. Legally required.
white wire grounded to the frame, black & blue wire inserted into corrugated tube and added to the loom. Black leads to emergency brake engaging battery, the other to the brake signal wire
7 prong connector

been collecting a lot of corrugated tubing lately

 and escutcheon plates, like this one that would normally go at the ends of shower curtain rods. I drill holes in them and use them as covers for holes in the side of my house where wires have to pass from the outside to the inside
 as seen here in the wheel well. There is one of tyhe these per tire, because each tire has wires
 tube passes through wall of wheel well
brake hub wires protected by a vinyl tube, cut from a sink sprayer

brake signal wiring and ground wiring

running light etc wires wrapped around the Mc cable for support

and finally up to the front where everything connects to the wires from the plug and the break away switch

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