Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Bedroom Door

Brandon Shultz has done is again, designing and creating the final two stained glass pieces for my home. These two will each be in one panel of a two paneled door entry to the bedroom. The doors will be hinged and fold onto one another, and when they do these two glass pieces will lay over top of one another and create one image: that of a cherry tree in bloom before the setting sun or rising moon, depending on what you think it looks like! 
I met a friend today who wants some temporary curtains made from burlap for windows in the house addition he is building. The burlap is there to the left. He traded me the slab of cherry on the right of my labor, and Brent Swanson of Normaltown Woodworks came by this afternoon and  picked everything up to build the bedroom doors.
  Two red oak boards, 1 1/2" thick by 8" wide by 8' long and that slab of cherry 2 1/2" thick, about 14" wide including the bark and 5' long.

This pile of stuff will be come the doors from my bedroom, kind of like a book with glass picture and wooden pages.

Flash forward to June 2014..... Brent delivered the bedroom doors today!!!

 Varnishing the frames
 Butt jointed cherry inset panels
The glass over-layered with light

Side by Side
As they will fold when open

 As they will stand when closed

 Here we go.. in situ
 looking up. the actual opening is taller than the visible opening of the room

 I recently finished this shelving unit.. wire baskets mounted to shelves made from scraps from the mantle mounted to the wall


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  1. That is so beautiful! Can't wait to see you in Canada!