Monday, May 2, 2011

Still working on the roof... almost done! In the Mean time: Cross Country Bike Ride & PEACE WALK!

I know I haven't posted any new trailer photos in a while. There are on going pictures of the roof under construction in the post before WE NEED TO END THESE WARS NOW! I have finished installing the roof, and I have worked out a trade with a lady: clothing for her kids in exchange for photos of the trailer. The relationship between Scott and I is kapput, and he owned the camera... so that's that. Still, work has been going on, and in the mean time I went on a bike trip from Athens, GA to Asheville, NC, and then joined a Peace Walk to Oakridge Tennessee, where the Y-12 Nuclear Weapons Facility is. I went on a Pilgrimage for Nuclear Free Future. Here are some photos of the trip, and Ansley and I will meet to take some pictures of the the competed roof!
Just before leaving Athens on my bike
hanging my peace crane on the barbed wire fence @ Y-12
walking through Tennessee spreading the word. Peace, coming by popular demand.
erecting the banner @ Y-12
A rainbow on the morning we left the Great Smoky Mountain Peace Pagoda
Inside the temple @ The Great Smoky Mountain Peace Pagoda
The gang in Hot Springs North Carolina
Cool mural in Marshall, North Carolina
following the French Broad River, with the train
A poem I loved in the kitchen of the Great Tree Zen Temple in Alexander North Carolina.
Leaving Asheville.
On my way up Cowee Mountain in North Carolina
You can see more in the albums I posted on Facebook @ these links
One and Two
Here are images of the pop up cards I sent to all three of my representatives regarding the bill before the House now HR 1334, I also sent on to the Blue Ribbon Energy Commissioner, the Secretary of Energy, The Secretary of Defense, and Nuclear Energy Commission and Southern Company, the company here in GA that owns many nuclear power plants.

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