Saturday, May 28, 2011

Julie Merrill of Steel Zebra

Here is the beginning!
Julie Merrill in action!
small montage of her work
copper scraps I have been collecting
quick sketch of the gist of the kitchen panel project

A few weekends ago I produced a Swap-o-rama-rama @ the Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa. There I met Asheville blacksmith and artist Julie Merrill, and I have commissioned her to create copper panels that will be built into the cabinet doors in the kitchen, and also a fire place screen and reflecting plate for the area around the wood stove. Here are some of the rudimentary drawings I have made to help guide her in the work. I was walking up the street last week and I found $200 on the ground, so I sent the money and the copper scraps I have been collecting to Julie to get her started! Please check out her work, it's beautiful!

Steel Zebra on Etsy

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