Saturday, May 28, 2011

Finished with the structure.

These photos were taken by Jillian Guarco, whom I have met through her work with I Art Athens, a community arts organization that relies on community support to provide our services to Athens’ youth. Donations will help them provide low cost and free classes to teens of all social, ethnic, and economical backgrounds. I am going to teach a class in textile recycling and sewing this summer and through out the fall. She is a photographer by profession. I cleaned up the site before she came out to take these pictures of the finished (but for one more level of furring channel in the front and back).

trusty generator and chop saw. Here are pictured the doors to the back utility storage area.
The ceiling over the living room
the nose above the kitchen. I need to install one more level of furring channel, and that's it!
the bathroom and above the bathroom loft walls

the kitchen in the nose
The window in the bathroom, stained glass by Brandon Shultz. He is also making a piece for the bathroom door, with a 7 pointed star. I am going to make seven pointed star rubber backed washers for the siding using flashing and a yoga mat.

I bought a pair of Vibram's 5 fingered shoes which have really helped me keep my footing while crawling around and working
inside the above the bathroom bedroom loft

the master bedroom. There is a wall that exists here now that wasn't installed when the pictures were taken.

standing seam roofing panels
into the living room, showing the 2 pitches of the roof
the curved wall in the bathroom, making it easier to get into the ladder to climb into the loft.

I thought this was cool for the reflection

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