Thursday, March 3, 2011


My personal projects would not be possible if I weren't in this part of the world. Some people can't even gather fire wood to heat their homes with out being killed.. like the nine boys attacked and killed yesterday in NATO air strikes.

The boys were killed while gathering fire wood.
9 young boys deliberately killed by helicopter gun ships in Afghanistan... we here in this country need to end these wars, tell the DOD, call them @ 703 697 5131, call the White House: 202 456 1111.. here in Athens we protest every Tuesday from 5-6 @ the Arch. there is a protest in Washington with Veterans for Peace on March 19th. These wars need to end NOW!!!! We have to stop them!!
Please, I beg anyone with a conscience: take some time out of your life, a life that is not riddled with mortar shells through your living room, where you can go to a wedding with out being afraid you will be bombed for assembling....take some time and do what you can here to end these rapacious wars. The people there can't bring our military home, we Americans are the only ones who can. Please, invest some time in Peace, Love and Compassion and make our democracy work!!

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