Monday, May 24, 2010

Sub-fllor support assemblies, and horizontal bracing

This job, that I thought would only take me a week at most has taken a month, mostly because I have been working the night shift, and it's hard to live when you work 10 hour nights. I go back on Days this week, and now that this part of the job is done I am going to take two weeks off and sew. A lady around the corner from the work site, a potter, made me a batch of hand made buttons, and I am excited to incorporate them into some new work.

What we have built is a support structure, made from various assemblies, that hangs down from the main floor joists. This sub-floor assembly will support the water tanks, and solar batteries, and the under floor storage areas through out the dwelling. While I was at it I also made horizontal bracing for the spaces between the wall studs.
Here you can see the bracing between each main floor joist, and the sub floor below.

Also the outside edge of the vertical supports for this sub floor have a piece of furring channel attached to the ends, for fastening the siding to.

I just got this hammock today. I look forward to sitting in it while scheming about what do next. Here I am attaching secondary floor joist pieces at the location of up-coming interior walls: notice the horizontal bracing between the wall studs.

My friends Chris and Andy gave me these sails to make clothes from, but before we get the roof up we needed some is really cool being under them, rain or shine!


  1. Are you assembling the walls in the trasitional method of screws? If so do you have any concerns of them loosening up with the flexing of the trailer when traveling?

  2. hey there: I am sorry I didn't see this comment.
    We are using self drilling self tapping screws, and yes, when we towed it from Atlanta to Athens there were some screws that came loose! I think what we will end up doing after the siding is up is going around with a caulk gun and putting a dab of caulk on the ends of as many fasteners as we can. Increasing racking stability is another way we want to mitigate the likely-hood that screws will come loose. all in all there are A LOT of screws! strength in numbers!