Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Old Habits Die Hard

For many years I have hauled all manner of steel contraptions for my clothing displays on and off planes, trains and automobiles, around various towns and cities, islands and highways, in my bike trailer. There is no power @ the TRLR site, so I take the battery operated drill and reciprocating saw there, do what I need to do, and bring materials back home to use the chop saw and do sub assemblies... and I have been using our sweet little pick up truck until yesterday when it really died. It just needs new fuses, no big deal, but it will have to wait until after this weekend's work. So, today, in the spirit of my true nature, I rode Scott's recumbent bike over to the TRLR, worked for a while, took all the measurements for the horizontal bracing I am building now. Then I loaded about 150 lbs of steel into the bike trailer, and very slowly rode it back home, down one of the main streets of town. Some people laughed, some people were annoyed, and some people just stared, like I was crazy. I guess we are building a bigger and better version of the bike + trailer combo I have loved for so long.

...and then we went to buy eight more pieces of steel in Cartersvile, and loaded them onto.. the scooter trailer!

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