Monday, May 24, 2010

Flora and Fauna

Scott took some amazing gopher pictures today! 6/2/2010

This is the wind catcher tree.

There are rabbits and cats that live around the work site as well. A moth emerged from it's cocoon, installed inside the flange of on the horizontal braces, and it's soft wet wings were so delicate in my hand as I took it away from the work area.

The kudzu grows over everything.

There is a hickory tree, and an old old mulberry tree in one corner, remnant of the colonizing pioneer's desire to establish Georgia as a silk producing colony.

The weather is too humid to separate the threads. When it is terribly hot out and I am there to work I often just take off my clothes and hang out with the critters in this little corner of the world.

two baby starlings, and their parent on the wall screaming at me to leave them alone!

I managed to take some pictures of the gophers!

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