Saturday, July 5, 2014


My bedroom relocated to the living room so I can work on the interior floor + walls of the master bedroom and the loft bedroom

My friend Brandon Shultz introduced me to his friend Heath Graham! who works for a floor company. He brought me a few boxes of PERGO flooring that he said have been sitting around in the warehouse for months and months. Waste not want not! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!
First goes down a thin layer of foam padding, which I used to make the pattern of the floor


PERGO is basically a composite rugged cousin of card-board. It is pressed dense wood product with rubber laminated to one side and a picture of wood laminated to the other side.The mold it is pressed in gives each of the four side of the planks a different shaped grove, and they all inter-lock together like a jig-saw puzzle. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND INSTALLING A PERGO FLOORING SYSTEM. As a matter of fact I have installed one for a customer, and it was kind of a night mare. It is a floating floor, it is made to break. The little grooves are really fussy sometimes to click together, it is not very durable for high traffic, can't really handle moisture, and it's manufacture is super toxic and depleting the rainforest! But for my purposes: small rooms, no foot traffic even, and certainly no furniture moving around, light weight, easy to clean and GLEANED!!!!! PERGO! PERFECT!!

getting started laying out the first row of planks

all the boards to be cut

My skill saw tore the ends up and chipped the laminate, so I decided to just use my back saw, and to be safe and not have to think much about keeping my cuts true I clamped a straight edge onto each piece before I cut it. It took forever.

 all the boards cut

 PRESTO!!!! it all snapped into place, everything fit like a charm! PERGO!!!! and if for some reason it ever needs to be replaced, it is not fastened to the floor at all! It just un-snaps.




These are the landings that lead to the loft
as seen from above

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