Thursday, July 10, 2014

Making wooden clothes for my house

 My Girl!!!
 Emily Montesinos told me she wanted to come help me install the flooring and wall paneling, so I bought the stuff and did the prep and she came and helped me put it up! I made paper patterns of the wall panels, cut and then sanded the edges so they will lay more smooth and flush beside each other.
Bucket of self taping screws from Habitat = $3.00!
 Bedroom done.. all but one last triangle!
 She always braids my hair up for me

 The seams will be covered with flat trim

trying to take her picture but got myself instead
  She caught a dragon fly that was stuck in the house!

The racks for the solar panels are on the way. Once they are installed, through bolted to the roof trusses I can put up the ceiling panels!
 Living room and looking back. I want to get some bead board to do the ceiling in the bathroom, along the loft floor that becomes a low ceiling which juts out into the hall way, and on the bottom on the living room walls

 Dreams Come True ~ Happy Girls!

 The loft bedroom...

 Paper Pattern becomes.....

 Wood paneling

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