Thursday, March 30, 2017

Work Cupboard

Been working on the final cupboard in my house, the one intended to house work related equipment. I used to make my living as a clothing designer and pop-up book maker. My work was frequently interrupted by housing/studio instability, and I thought when I started building my house that designing it to allow me to accomplish my creative work at home would really be great. By lowering my overhead expenses I hope that I will be able to accommodate work that will support my lifestyle with out having to take on more work than I can feasibly produce. We'll see. Having this part of the house built is one more step to living out that dream.
Made with the last few pieces of the box elder I have been saving, and recycled pallets from the local coffee roaster, Jittery Joe's.
By building a recess into the bathroom wall I have finally made the best place for the toilet to live. There is a a recess on the remaining portion of the wall for little cubbies in the living area and a recess compartment for a small ironing board. I am glad I had some scraps of paneling for shims.
 And here's the cupboard mounted on the wall.
 The dining room table fits right under the cupboard too. I am not sure yet if I will build a door for the cupboard that can fold down and become a table to work on, or if I should use the dining table for the work table.
Next steps: build and install the shelves, cabinet face molding, the doors, a cork board above the recess cubbies, and the wall paneling under the cupboard.
 So...added paneling between the shelve spaces,
 used recycled floor boards to build the shelves...
 Installed a towel bar I collected years ago...this one will be useful to hang pieces in progress inside the cupboard. The shelves have 3 inch recesses to make room for hanging pieces.....
 And here's the shelves and the molding.
 This side, parallel to the french doors will remain open shelves, and the larger part of the cupboard will have doors, maybe that can fold down to become a table top also.
 The last spikes of flames I can look forward to seeing, before the color in the wood mellows in the sun.
 I am really looking forward to when I have reliable electricity and can get back to work sewing!
 In the meantime, it's nice to have more places to put stuff.
Last steps: to build the recycled cork board and the cupboard doors.

Kind of mi nd blowing for me to remember when so much stuff was stored in the kitchen area that it was a lot of work to move stuff around to stand here, when I used to work my hobo kitchen in that corner. It has been so long that I have been visualizing this piece being here that... now...I feel like I have been time warped.

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