Monday, March 13, 2017

Build your Tiny House with light gauge steel!!!

Please, if you arr going to build a tiny house, especially one on wheels, with weight being an issue, use light gauge framing  steel! The strength to weight ratio of steel as compared to wood is unbeatable, it won't catch on fire or mold, and there is tones of it in dumpsters of commercial construction. It is also really easy to recycle by using in your project. But, the best thing, I think, is how easy it is to take it apart and make changes.
Like, for instance, the wall of the bathroom, made with two pieces of scabbed together steel center stud, needs to be moved over about 14 inches. So, I just  I just backed out the screws! 

 No more stud.
 The wall on the floor.
Re-built where I need it. All in about 15 minutes.

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