Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fixing the running gear

My friend Randy came over today and, with great patience (seeing as I was pretty nervous at times !!) helped me jack and block my house up. It took 6 hours of work, at a weekend  pace, but none the less, what a generous thing to spend your Sunday doing. Thank you so much Randy! After we got the whole house jacked up, blocked and leveled  we disengaged the shackle mounts from the chassis, letting the axles hang free. They are only attached now via the brake wiring, supported by blocks.. I am glad I left some play in the wires.

 These bolts were not the right kind of hardened bolts needed for such a important job!!! And the shackle mounts need to be welded also, and in the right place!!! The two people who assembled the running gear in an afternoon ( as a surprise for me when I came home from work) really didn't do the best job. They drank beer and put it all together with the idea in mind to really give me a great surprise, and I had not the where-with-all to question anything, or weld the shackle mounts on in place. I guess I am glad that I didn't in the long run because they are not placed right. One of them is a full 1/2" off! Well, time to fix it now so I can move on with my life! Next step, to redesign and install the shackle mounts. Maybe I can make them taller so I won't need smaller tires after all. That would definitely be cheaper, but I would probably have to redesign the hearth inside to lower the wood stove and chimney pipe so it wouldn't be too tall. Problem solving as I go.
and the shackle mounts themselves off.
 The axles totally free.

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