Friday, April 8, 2016

Flames! Fire in the wood! Box elder cabinet Cases

I have been on a building spree. Fast gratification + cheap project to work on. All I needed was wood glue. Satisfying to get the rough sawn box elder out of the way by building with it. I will have enough to use it for the visible case panels for the upper kitchen cabinets, the bookcase/window seat/desk and the corner office cabinet on the opposite side of the bathroom wall. The rest of the case frames are made from recycled pallets, and the face frames and doors I will make out of cedar.

 Matching kitchen upper cabinets, screwed to the wall
 and then inserted the painting for the back.

 Screwed through the kitchen cabinet frame into the back of the bookcase, which wraps around the picture window.
Such beautiful wood.

 The frames have rabbit joints where the sides and back comes together.
  Pantry cabinet glued, nailed and clamped.
Pantry cabinet installed and with two coats of Danish oil.

Port side kitchen cabinets installed side by side.
Flames in the Sun!
Fire in the wood!
I can't believe the red in the wood.
Case with and with out painting back.
Sun shade and flames in the wood.
 Stick building a knee wall. Panel and case in the clamps, and then fitting the pieces into place.
The case is attached to the floor and the wall with L brackets,

 I just can't get over how beautiful this wood is once the finish is on. 
Light installed.

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