Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wood, stained glass and copper

Today I picked up the cherry bowls made by my friend Tim. Here they are along side the plates made by Jack Husdon. The bowls have been finished with mineral oil, the plates are still unfinished.
This is a hand hammered copper sink I bought through Craig's List to install in the bathroom. It will look so sweet along side the cedar tub and the copper in the stained glass in the window.
This is my friend Tim who I commissioned to turn the eating bowls for me.
My father gave me this hunk of cherry the other day, so I took it to Jack Hudson,who made my plates, to turn a serving dish for me.
Seven pointed star stained glass work by Brandon Shultz, to be installed in the bathroom door.
quarter-sawn oak and cherry for the bathroom door. Brent Swanson of Normal-town wood-works came and picked up everything to get started building it today!

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