Thursday, January 19, 2012

Many friends coming to help getting the roofing ON! Also some scenes from the SCENE

Ben Austin, of Circus Athena, has been coming to help bit by bit, sanding the bath tub. Vic climbing down from the ladder
Vic Anderson, who I ran into @ the laundry mat, and asked if he could come and help....he's tall, over 6'... and incredibly good luck! We finished the entire port side, and the panels that covered the starboard side over the bedroom! The rest I can do on my own!
Tapping the screws
Jacob came to help on one of those days when everything is harder than it has to be, and I started off the work session by drilling into my finger.
Using my leg to hold the panels to the roof against the wind
Scoping where the worms will live over the bathroom floor, just a nice shot that clearly shows the under floor structure and the chassie
Ben Austin helping me sand the bath tub.
Getting started!
This guy, David, I met at The Waffle House. He came in to eat at about 2 in the morning, just as Pete, Ari and Daniel were getting ready to leave on road bound adventures in the green veggie powered school bus. David went on a quick tour of the bus, and then came in and volunteered to come help me on my project... and he showed up!

Quick walk around the neighborhood where I am building.. some shots from the scene


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