Monday, December 13, 2010

Watson Spring: our source for locally harvested wood

Here are some pictures of Landus Bennett of Watson Spring, out in Farmington. We drove out there today to see some cedar for use in building our bathtub. There is a fallen tree down the hill that they are going to mill to specs for us, and I will pick the wood up a few days. In the mean time I bought a piece of cherry to give to my friend Tim, a wood turner, who is going to make us a set of plates and bowls. Wooden kitchen wear seems like the most light-weight and non-breakable option for a home where weight is an issue.
Landus and his partner Richard ( who is also a blacksmith) do some amazing work for high end designer homes. Here are some pictures of a staircase banister with iron vines and leaves,

a lamp made from apple wood that Landus is working on, and their super mellow and sweet shop dog Ben!
And last but not least: here is Scott using the metal detector they sue to find nails and such in wood they re-claim from old barns and the like.

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