Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dan Phillips: Creative houses from reclaimed stuff, Ideas Worth Spreading.
Please watch this talk by Dan Phillips, and please visit Phoenix Commotion in Huntsville, TX!!!

I wrote tyo him to ask some advice about how to makema bath tub, and here is what he wrote back!!!! I am over the moon!

Hi, Gretchen,
Quite likely there is an article out there somewhere, but I don't know where. The choice of wood needs to be something resistant to rot--cedar, osage orange, black locust, cypress, are a few. Glue and nail the wood together in the shape you want. On the inside of the tub grind off lumps and bumps with a belt sander, and fill in the voids with auto-body putty (i.e., Bondo--directions on the can and available at your local auto parts store). Drill a hole for the drain with a hole saw (One and one fourth inches in diameter so that standard plumbing parts will fit). Then acquire some fiberglass resin and cloth (available at auto parts stores), read the directions, and apply two coats. Sand smooth. Then go to your local paint store and get a bathtub paint kit (Home Depot, Sherwin Williams, etc.). Give it two coats of bathtub paint. Install the plumbing parts, and... get ready for a bath.
Good luck.
Here is the bath tub Dan built for two!

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