Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lady Gaga dance party (in my head) helps me dance/build our bedroom!

OHHH BOY!!!! It's been a while since I made a construction post, and since Scott is out of town with the camera I can't post recent trailer pictures just yet. Maybe there has not been much building going on these past months, but there has been a lot of planning and a whole lot else!

From June to August Julian was here in Georgia. We did many many things:
Motor-cycle riding,


went to the Salvador Dali exhibit,

he and Scott went to the aquarium

the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial,

and Six Flags theme park, we watched the entire series of TWIN PEAKS!!!, and we went hunting for the giant mutant crickets that live in the historic neighborhood of town. They were an freak entomology project gone wacky from years past, let loose in the "wild" and still thriving today. We caught one, named it Henry, and brought it home for a few days.

I quit my Waffle House job to go back to sewing full time, and I started a new blog about my work, and also selling on eBay, search EGRETION. I sold three pop-up books to a collector in Ohio, and with part of that money we bought more steel to build the bedroom!

I went to pick it up two days ago, and have been out on the site building the knee walls and bedroom floor platform, singing Lady Gaga songs and taking dance breaks. Her music isn't all that much to write about, but it's so catchy, and the basic idea of it is only 12 seconds long, so singing it over and over again makes you feel like you have only been working for about... 12 seconds.. and look how much I got done!!! Her style can be so barely nude, and it's been so hot I have been working al fresco... it seems fitting... no pun intended;-)

The main walls are much more stable now, and tomorrow I am going to incorporate that flexible c-track into the bathroom walls, and then start building the bay window exterior walls at the very back of the trailer. Scott bought the clear-story awning windows and the bay casement windows, a special order from Lowe's... a weird size: 17.5" x 36". Once I finish these interior walls it will be time to build the infamous off-set scissors trusses and gang them together!!! I will post pictures tomorrow!

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