Friday, September 17, 2010

Blood on steel

This really isn't that big of a deal, except that these are the first injuries that even remotely affect daily life sustained while build le TRLR. I had gotten all the parts of the bathrom walls onto the floor joist deck inside the trailer, and I was man handling them into a position where I could join them with the flexi C-track. I was holding one of the wall studs when I missed my footing on a joist and fell through the floor, and the flange of the stud gave me a deep cut to my middle finger and gouged out some flesh on my right finger. I almost fainted while I was pouring the hydrogen peroxide on. So I cleaned myself up, bandaged my fingers and took a juice break before coming back to work... and then I raked my thumb over an edge of steel while hanging over the top of the wall, having just clamped the stud into the c-track and reaching for the drill. I dribbled blood all over the trailer as I slunk away... ready to come home and feed myself a brownie. It's a good thing I am making a red coat right now, so I can spend the rest of the afternoon sewing.TRLR: 2! G:0


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  2. Hi there Steffi: Are you building something similar? There are not man y people building rolling homes like this, so the more the merrier! many hand make light work, and many mind brainstorm great ideas! We have been thinking now about how to attach the roof trusses to the top of the walls and accou8nt for wind sheer.. thinking of using hollow bolts, like are designed for motorcycles, and cables to diagonally anchor some of the trusses and provide wracking stability for the whole structure.