Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cabinet Doors.

I looked up the other day at the faux etched glass ceiling panels in an elevator, and remembered when, years ago, I decided that it would be really nice to have a similar effect in the cabinet doors in the kitchen. So I gleaned a piece of lighting plastic at the ReStore, but it was too flimsy and broke. Then I gleaned 5 etched glass window panes, and have been saving them carefully for years, making sure they didn't get broken.
 I put them together with peg joints. The openings are the size of the glass panes.
 The rest of the scraps I ran through the table saw twice made a rabit mitered corner frame for each pane.
 However, I didn't have a miter box, so my joints are a bit uneven, so I made some filler putty with sawdust from sanding the doors and wood glue.
Vanish and assembly
Panes held in with nails... the old fashioned way. Salvaged hardware.
 Here they are!
 The Steve Keene paintings in the back!

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