Friday, February 19, 2016

Up & Down my Ladder again! Trim work.

 The best place in town to by molding at a realistic price is the Southern Surplus store on the Atlanta Hwy, and I have been canvasing businesses out there for the Solarize Athens program, so I have been able to combine my trips to get more supplies. Most of the molding I had to work with came from the Habitat ReStore, but as I usually find that what I buy there is not enough. This place is just as crazy jam crammed packed full of a bunch of random scraps of crap to pick from and make up the rest. I have been rehabbing myself climbing up and down the ladder working on the short walls around the clear story windows, and the trim around the windows and doors.

These pictures are all up in the bedroom loft.  I started out building a framing sub-structure to mount the paneling to, filled in with a sheet of R-15 foam board. 
 And this quick and dirty little glued together piece is for the recessed area to the left of the window in the loft bedroom - extra storage. 
Trim along the bottom, and around the windows.

The then strips to cover the seams in the paneling.  

 Some of the paneling I have left over are scraps from info displays. 

 This little miter box is a .25 cent gem from the ReStore.. attached to a log to hold the halves together.
 Trim along the gap between the ceiling panels at the top of the wall, and around the doors.
   First the base board with a notch for the trusses Then a little piece of chair rail so it will be a smooth rounded finish against the wall.

 Kind of hard to see, but also installed trim between the wooden portions of the trusses to cover the steel. And here is is all caulked and painted!

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