Saturday, August 29, 2015

Recycling oak flooring scraps

Landus Bennet, HERO from Watson Springs, hooked me up with about 9 square feet of oak flooring seconds. There were some really nice spalted pieces that will match well with my dining table as I build the leaf support legs.  The other project I am working on with the material are the door frames for the bed room and bathroom doors. I am looking forward to hanging them soon!

 Bathroom door frame.
 Bedroom door frame, two of three sides.
Door frames ready to sand.
 This is my first attempts at furniture making, using peg joints.
  I just picked it up recently; it has been more than a year since Jack Hudson finished it. I designed it and he built it from spalted sycamore I also got from Landus.

 Top of the table.
The leaf support legs will also be used in supporting the table top of the office/work wall cabinet. When that table top is folded down there would not be enough room for the dining table to be fully extended anyways. The doors of the cabinet will both open outwards and also latch together and fold down to be a work surface.

Here are some shots of the finished out tiny room + Washer/dryer compartment. Floor access hatch to plumbing, and trim made from recycled wooden ruler.

 under the sink towel bar for a clothes rack.


Here are the door frames in place, working on capping the recesses where the screws hold it to the steel.

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