Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Okay machine.

I am getting ready to finish the floors, as in , pull up the dry fit together wood, finish each piece on all six sides, cut and Kiltz the sub-floor plywood and then put the pine back in. First though I have to get ready to move completely into my bedroom, and Monkey needs to have his room finished so he has somewhere to be. So, I am testing my order of operations by finishing the floor in his room, and getting the trim work done in my bedroom far enough that I can paint and finish installing the wire rack shelf mounted storage compartments.
 chiseling out the recess for the D-Rings that allow me to open the hatch doors
 Some caulk along the trim

 finishing the sand filter installation, finishing the wall paneling in Monkey's room. getting ready to put the floor in for good and teach myself how to do the main room.

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