Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Biking to Atlanta to testify before the Federal Election Commission

On behalf of the Georgia climate change coalition today I biked 60 miles from Athens to Atlanta Georgia. I am here to testify tomorrow before the vice chairman of the Federal Election Commission. The public testimony being sought pertains to the Effects of money awash in our political system In particular my remarks will speak directly to the tens of thousands of dollars which has been given to the political campaigns of the governors of Georgia Alabama and Tennessee by a natural gas company Spectra Energy based out of Texas whom the governor of Florida is a shareholder of. Spectra Energy has intentions of building the stable trail pipeline across many states to export fracked gas. Please follow the link below to see photos from this trip.

Also today the Georgia Water Coalition released its dirty dozen report. It details the 12 worst threats to water quality in Georgia . See number nine!

I am very grateful for the stability having my trailer provides to my life. Housing instability has been an issue for me since I was a teenager , but having provided that most basic need for myself allows me the time to undertake efforts such as this.

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