Wednesday, January 16, 2013


 I have been working approx. 6 jobs at any given time in the past few years to fund my home building project - and thus I have come to be known as "$IDE MONEY". So it follows that I have made a pop-up book inspired by some of my mad-capped adventures along the way!
 I will send a copy of new pop-up book "$IDE MONEY", one copy per $100. Isn't money really the best tool for metaphor. People use it all over the world to share our ideas and shape our collective reality, and more than anything I observe that it is used as the expression of our deep desire to co-operate. Aside from being extremely useful it can also be very spiritual.   ...  I already have to make 2! 

Here is just a snippet of the basic research info that has gone into the story and design of the book.
 About 20 something odd miles from Athens.....down two dirt roads at the back of a field is where I have really learned about how to make some serious SIDE MONEY!
 I have been working to help finish up the renovation of this old farm house. It is on top of a hill back against the woods. It is here that I have learned about SIDE MONEY!
 Another person who was working there at the beginning of the reno job found this spiral bound note book in one of the upstairs bedrooms. It was blank but for the first two with a list and another with a drawing! It is called the Legendary Side Money book.
This is a self portrait of the original side money expert. Shifty eyed so and so.

 These are two pieces of me by Rich Pancio, one of the artist I model for at local drawing groups.. SIDE MONEY!!!

 And of course...sewing!!! I made and sell hand made clothes and pop up books around the world. You can see more of my work at my other blog, and also my professional web site

 I just got a gig doing all the mending and some new piece construction for the local convention center, where I also work as a member of the local 824 I.A.T.S.E.  

Monkey says: "Hey! What are you doing up there?!"

Here is the stage all set up. I made the stage skirting around the upper and lower stages.Each section has box pleated trim across the top. I made 1' section for the dance floor platform, but the crew set the risers at 2'< and it was to late to change it once I brought in the drape, so they just used the extra pieces of 4' I made and tucked it under. I couldn't have done it with out the help of Emily Montesinos! he came in at the last minute and helped me to the pinning and ironing of the last 20 sections. Thank you!
This month the convention center is having a grand opening event for a new atrium that has been built, and they commissioned three giant puppets for the event... so... away I go with my co-hort megan Dunn  making Giant Puppets!
Here is the link to the blog posting about this project.

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