Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to attaching ISO board to steel framing

I have been searching ye old internet for helpful photos and information about this phase of construction, and I found little aside from product ads. Maybe that's just how Google has tailored by internet searches based on algorithmically interpreted preferences: but I am going to put up some post of what I was looking for and didn't quite find:

How to attach ISO board to structural steel framing.
ISO board is a foam insulating board with a layer of fiber glass on both sides. I chose it because it offers more structural integrity than a traditional foam insulating board, it will hold up after being shot through with multiple screws a bit better than straight foam and it has a slightly higher R-value. I bought these sheets from a surplus building supply yard. This board will act as a structural sheeting for the exterior of the trailer, it will isolate the steel from the aluminum siding to prevent galvanic corrosion and will also cover the raised hexagonal heads of the screws used to join the framing material together.
Here is the portion of wall I am ready to cover with insulating board
The next step is to draw and cut the ISO board to cover the intended area. I used a Sharpie and a box cutting utility knife.
Okay, simple enough. Next I used a exterior double sided fiberglass carpet tape made by a company called Shurtape. I bought it @ Lowe's.
I put a few strips of the tape along the surfaces of the wall to hold the board in place while I get the siding up. It is good strong tape and has held up full 9' X 4' board for more than a week.I put the boards up into place, careful not to let it touch the tape until I was sure I had it in the right position, and then a hammered it into place with my rubber mallet, pictured on the door sill.....and then I ran a line of Liquid nails along the seams where one board meets another! Caulk works too. I have been using both.

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