Saturday, February 19, 2011

Composting Toilets... any experience? reviews? comments?

This is an image of the Envirolet Tiolet
this image of a Sun Mar Composting Toilet is from Betty's Eco Bus!
I had a line on a used Incinolet toilet in TX, which fell through, and it got me thinking, maybe it's not he right choice and fate is intervening. I have read lots of conflicting reviews, and I am starting to get the idea that they more trouble than they are worth, in energy, time spent to incinerate waste, and also the smell!: most strongly because of the advice of Peggy hall, who wrote the book!

So I have started thinking about composting toilets instead. There seems to be several tried and true tested models for mobile units that have been around since the '70's, and I looking for more first person reviews. I found some great starting out info on this site.

Does any one have any thoughts? Experiences? Reviews? Comments? I'm all ears!

a few days after this post, here I found this great forum ... more info, and also a recommendation of this book: The Humanure Handbook

Or maybe I could biuld my own!
OR ! I found this guy who makes water-less toilets! Cotuit Dry Self-Contained Toilets!
I also found this great link to Oasis Design.. and Ecological Design and Consulting forum


  1. Lots of people on the island use composting toilets. They are best NOT IN THE HOUSE. No matter how good the ventilation, there is some odour. And you have to empty them - where will you put the compost? They also tend to be huge. Hate to say it, but going with a regular mobile system and holding tank that you have to empty at an RV waste site might be most practical and aesthetically pleasing.
    But there are a surprising number of people here as well who have no toilet, indoor or outdoor. They pee on the ground and poop responsibly, more info here:
    Doug Hamilton's Famous "How to Shyte on Lasqueti"
    Not something that would work in the city, but certainly the pleasures of peeing outdoors are something you would appraciate.

  2. It's hard to think past the current system: because basically people with indoor flush toilets are totally irresponsible for their waste: so any thing that requires any effort seems like a big hassle! It really would only be if I was sick for an extended time..... duties voluntarily accepted are joyous. I have read about how to build and design a composting toilet that would require batches..and it seems that even if I build a toilet and then decided later to install a incinerator, with some more confidence... that could also be a viable and less expensive option. Everything about this project sop far has come at the time time, in the right way. Instincts