Sunday, March 28, 2010

Coco-Rosie, where are you?!

We have a frustratingly sad piece of news!
I went back to Athens to take a photograph for Young, Foxy and Free magazine, and on the afternoon of March 12th Coco-Rosie went off exploring!! A lady in the neighborhood found her, tied her up and removed her tag to take it inside and call me, and while in progress Coco escaped again. She was found by another neighbor, not even two blocks from Scott's apartment, who called the Circle of Friends Animal Society number, they came and picked her and and amongst themselves made a unilateral decision to re-possess her, the boyfriend of her foster mother was given Coco as a birthday present because, according to the director, she was going to adopt Coco before I came along and adopted her! They have been totally unwilling to even meet and talk about the issue, will not let me see my dog, and will not relent in their assertion that "she is better off with them". I have been trying to call and make arrangements to meet with them at their usual adoption site in Athens, and I went there this past weekend, to find the Oconee County Animal Rescue there instead, who helped me get the director who won't return or answer my calls on the phone. She told me to stop harassing her. I believe we will be filing a civil suit this coming week.


  1. A very emotional issue. I was walking Gracie at the beach the other night and I let her off leash - big mistake! She ran up and down the beach having the time of her life - and ignoring my calls to come. I was convinced I had lost her - and not only that, deserved to lose her since I was the big idiot who let her off leash.

    She did come back, but I had some very sobering thoughts that in spite of my best efforts, maybe having a dog at this time in my life, with some much upheaval, wasn't the best idea.

  2. Dogs run, they explore, they need to, it's thier nature. There isn't ahything wrong with it.. it's neurotic to think it is bad for them to....that is what gets me about the COFAS people...there is alot of upheavel in my life too, that is the way it has always been for everybody, but that doesn't mean that I am an unfit companion, or pet owner. It means that I am alive, and a dynamic collaborator, and a great companion...share in love, good food and times as they pass. What gets me with these people is how they are taking their own emotional needs out on all these animals. The police officer I taked with said there was another repotr filed about them, not criminal so it wasn't investigated, but they went into someone's yard and stole their dog because they didn't think it was being treated right... and adopted it ut and got the $$. He recomended my suit focus on the fact that they had already adopted the dog to one of their own before they even called me to tell me they had her. I have all my paper work ready, and the $$, all I need to do now is file and let the rest up to the turn of the flow.