Sunday, July 3, 2016

Decompression: Rejuvenation

I have been at my new spot for two weeks, and I am finally decompressing after a long and harrowing year and half! The scene on the farm is so peaceful, beautiful, and also dynamic! There is always something happening, but I am quite out of the way in my little corner of the world. I am starting to brainstorm new creative projects, getting back on my feet and up to speed with a new "normal" routine, making money again (starting a new business!), and planning a trip to visit my son. The best is just reading, cooking, visiting with friends, having coffee in the pecan grove with the critters in the early mornings, bathing outside in the light of the fireflies in the evening to cool off, and remembering my dreams from the night before in the mornings when the sun rises again! There are so many simple pleasures to be thankful for.