Monday, March 28, 2016

Lower kitchen cabinets

Now that that ceiling is done I don;t need to get the ladders in here and I can finally start building the kitchen cabinets. Gotta start somewhere! I picked up 11 pallet frames @ a local coffee roaster to use for the case frames. I am comfortable making half lap joints, so I think that is how I am going to continue as I make the case frames.
 I collected many Steve Keene paintings to use for the back panels. This one was too tall, so the caption I glued to the floor. The bottom of the cabinet will be remove-able so I can get to the battery that runs the emergency brakes.

 Cut down the piece of aluminum that I have been using for ages as a cover for the stove, and now it is finally where it was always intended to be! Under the stove!

 I am using pallets from the tops and bottom of can packs from the local coffee roaster. Charlie is saving 11 pallets for me to build out the next two lower cabinet cases: for the kitchen sink and around on either side of the stove.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Kitchen Ceiling

Took some figuring out....but finally!
& painted blue. I really hope the color choice truly helps keep wasps out.
 I cut the end off a recessed lighting cup to make an escutcheon for the hood vent pipe.
Unfinished section of kitchen wall (besides cabinets) Wall shimmed and filled

 Sorry for the sideways view. I screwed a straight edge to the  pieces of box elder I want to use and cut a straight edge, but not parallel, would have lost too much wood.
 Not quit enough to do the whole wall section, but large enough to put hooks into for pots and pans. Seeing this first panel of box elder finished makes me eager to start building the rest of the cabinets!
Kitchen ceiling light installed.