Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Plumbing is happening! WAAAAAA!!

Steve Carson is the fellow who has agreed to come and work with me to install the plumbing for my home. We are staring in the front, installing the kitchen system, as it is a simpler version of what will happen in the back. First, I built a metal frame to elevate the tank so that the lowest point is above the exterior drain outlet door, and I covered it with a used yoga mat donated by cal Clements at Rubber Soul Yoga. Thanks Cal, I don't want my tank to get all scratched up!
Here you can see the pitch of the tank, one side is higher than the other. Next a piece of PEX tubing is installed into a brass fitting in the tank, using only pipe dope. If you use Teflon tape on plastic fittings it will expand the fitting and might cause it to crack, so only use pipe dope on plastic fittings. This is a picture of the inlet side of the tank, but the outlet to the pump is the same, a brass fitting with a compression ring over the fitting barb. next in-line, before the pump is a shut off valve.
 After the shut off value, before the pump is a filter/strainer to keep any debris from getting in the pump( and is also necessary for the pump warranty). It's the black thing there to the right. After this strainer we are using tubing that is the same size as the smallest fitting, which is on the in-line biological filter.
 Here are the PEX compression fittings in the pump. They just push together..so simple!Then comes the biological filter and the charcoal/clarity filter.

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